That’s the way the cookie crumbles: Day 59

Hope, dreams and then the weather. Mix that with restless children and I have a recipe for having no energy to wander out to capture today’s 365. Instead I bring you cookies. Enjoy. I did!

Too busy so practical photography for day 58

Busy old day today. Trip to do a kick off meeting for a project I’ve been working on. Now director of a company and signed IP and confidentiality agreements. All very scary and exciting at the same time. Clearly can same much more right now, but will as soon as I can! Anyway, back to [...]

Team Challenge: Architecture: Day 57

To put spice in our Photo 365 lives a few of us on twitter decided to choose a topic and all shoot today’s 365 on that topic. Architecture was the chosen topic and so off we went in our own ways. I got an hour out of the house, so went click mental. So, sorry [...]

Day 56: Suggested topic 1: Water

Not wanting to get stuck in a rut, I asked folks on Twitter to suggest some topics. Tonight I took on one challenge. Liquids. Not quite to the level I will attempt next time, but I had about half an hour, so just went for it. The following is the outcome.

It happens to us all. Day 55

At some point we all wilt a little. Right now it is the turn of the tulips I bought recently, but before they became compost I thought I’d give them everlasting life in digital image form. So, ladies and gentlemen, here are my withered and wilting tulips. Son’t say I don’t spoil you. Now I [...]

Bump. Down to earth again. Day 54

Well it had to happen. It has been a while. It is iPhone picture time. Womens Ski X was far too entertaining and when combined with Ringwood Old Thumper, I lost all motivation.

The straw that broke … on day 53

OK, so it didn’t quite break the camels back, but it is quite worrying that I am photographing straws. Here are 3 shots of the same basic scene. Straws and camera repositioned at times. Let me know what you think. Now, must go and put the straws back before daughter finds out I used them.

A Rare event for Day 52

It is the weekend, so family trips out are in order. Today was a first visit to the Rare Species Conservation Centre near Sandwich in Kent. What a fantastic place. Small, but perfectly formed and with such friendly staff. A great variety of animals and all in a lovely setting. Definitely somewhere we’ll be heading [...]

Day 51 and fun in the sun

Visit to London to see friends and their gorgeous new little man, one solid 365 image and then one of each sproglie. Was quite dim by the time I got an image of little man, but what a poppet.

Emergency Lighting Steps In for Day 50

Exhausting day today, so some quick shots of the staircase artifacts. The stairs, the balustrade and the rare appearance of our cat (admittedly he was under house arrest after dental surgery) lit using the light given off by the energy saving lightbulbs in the hallway below.